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Business Organizational Solutions…

Running a business is demanding. Your commitment to your business is necessary for your success.

Too many tasks to get done in a day applies to new and seasoned business owners.

Feeling unorganized, overwhelmed affects how decisions are made to increase productivity and revenue.

Many of the daily tasks can be completed more efficiently, leaving you more time for the more important tasks in your business.






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Meet Renee

As an Administrative Strategist and coach, I work with business owners wanting to get to the next level. Having worked in Administrative Management and Marketing, I am focused to:

Helping you to be productive in your day-to-day activities

Have processes and strategies in place for your office to run efficiently

Gain the skills needed to build a strong foundation in your business

Achieve the success your business deserves

With over 25 years as an Administrative Strategist and Coach, I have partnered with a broad range of businesses working in Administrative Management and Marketing. My areas of expertise:

Key Eye in Efficiency

Having a schedule provides a sense of structure. Be organized, complete tasks, and complete projects. Focus and Completed tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Sense of Accountability

Accountability helps to ensure responsibility in your business performance keeping your name in front to your clients.

"MDR Administrative Services helps business owners get organized and create a plan based on their specific needs."

Administrative Skills Workshop

Driving your business…

Having the tools to build a strong foundation in business starts with administrative procedures. When your office is running efficiently, it will reduce miscommunications and errors. Establishing policies and procedures from the start sets up a balance with Clients and with Staff.

The workshops are designed for Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to develop strategies to increase office productivity and producers for your company vision and the day-to-day operations.

Invest In Your Business

Administrative Support

Administrative skills can help you to be well organized, a strong communicator and enhance customer service communication. While administrative skills are important in roles like managers and receptionists, they are helpful for a business to operate effectively and efficiently

Administrative Office Procedures

Administrative office procedures are essential to reduces stress,

miscommunications and to keep the office running smoothly. By prioritizing the administrative office, you will establish clear policies and procedures with employee understanding which ensures accountability, consistency and efficiency.

Organizational Skills

Good organizational skills can prove beneficial in many areas of life, including personal and business areas. Organization can increase general productivity, project management, and can even affect memory and retention skills. These skills, with a little guidance and the right tools, can prevent hunting for missing things and become better organized

Accountability in the Workplace

Accountability helps to ensure that every employee will take responsibility for their performance and behaviors and continue to manage this responsibility. When we implement goals and communicate with one another, we can achieve powerful results.

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